Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Maleficium Cultus is a hidden magickal order that practice inbetween the spaces. Highly individualistic they develop their own distinct systems of magick much how Austin Osman Spare strived to explain through practice. These individual magicians come together at certain times to join forces in manipulating the world through group magick. Necessity is not put on physical proximity but on group ritual in the aether (virtual space). The keys to entering this aetheric space is secret between members. There is no public face to the Maleficium Cultus as they care little for magical debate and over intellectualization. If it works for you, use it.

Maleficium Cultus takes its take from malevolent or malicious magick. So called black magick. The intent being to generate a form that has no barriers with regards to morals, world view, fear, and human judgments. For example if a spell is cast to harm it has just as much merit as one cast to protect or heal. Through this way of practicing duality begins to dissolve and everything is possible.

Rank is not dependent on age within the Cultus and has no barrier. Children are seen as prime candidates as witches within the order, in particular little girls. Malintention in the young is seen as a strong power to develop. The so called attachment disorder actually develops the lack of regard for duality, good or bad. And can be developed in the young to nurture unlimited and focused power without moral obligation.

Some public rites for the Maleficium Cultus can be found in the book Demoness Magick. Thought this book does not officially state it has anything to do with the Maleficium Cultus.
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